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Markus Oermann

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Dr.. iur., M.A.

Policy Advisor at the Office of the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany


Skype: markusoermann


Twitter: @markusoermann


09-01-2017 - We start with our work at the MSI-JOQ Committee of experts on quality journalism in the digital age in which I have the honor of being elected.

02-06-2017 - Tobias Mast, Wolfgang Schulz and I have developed a new framework to analyse Internet Governance issues on content level and presented at at the GigaNet Sympoisum 2016. The corresponding conference paper is available online.

03-15-2015 - Finally, a paper on methodology of code interpretation is published in Computer Law and Security Review, Vol. 31, Nr. 2 (2015): "Interpreting code – Adapting the methodology to analyze the normative contents of law for the analysis of technology"

01-20-2015 - Case study on Code based arbitration in Bitcoin with Nils Toellner as part of a joined project of the Network of Centers (NoC) on Multistakeholder Internet Governance. Summarizing research report of this projects could be found on SSRN.

10-15-2014 - with Martin Lose, Katharina Johnsen and Jan-Hinrik Schmidt: Discussion Paper on "Approaching Social Media Governance", HIIG Discussion Paper Series No. 2014-05.



with Tobias Mast and Wolfgang Schulz: Doing Internet Governance: Constructing Normative Structures inside and outside of Intermediary Organisations, 2016, in: GigaNet Symposium 2016 Conference Proceedings.

with Lennart Ziebarth: Interpreting code – Adapting the methodology to analyze the normative contents of law for the analysis of technology, in: Computer Law and Security Review 2015, Vol. 31, Nr. 2: p. 257-267.

with Nils Töllner: The Evolution of Governance Structure in Cryptocurrencies and the Emergence of Code-Based Arbitration in Bitcoin, in: Berkman Center for Internet & Society Research Publication Series, No. 2015-5.

with Martin Lose, Katharina Johnsen und Jan-Hinrik Schmidt: Approaching Social Media Governance, in: HIIG Discussion Paper Series, No. 2014-05.



Graduate School Media and Communication Hamburg

Hans-Bredow-Institut Hamburg

Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin

DEVELOPmed.aid - Support for young patients in Burkina Faso



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